Evolution: How We Really Feel About Creation


Science is awesome and the earth is really, really old.


The church and specifically the Evangelical church has made such a mess of the creation/evolution thing that everyone involved should be ashamed. Few things have done more to drive people away from the church than the pinheaded fundamentalist idiots that keep fighting this fight. It is an embarrassment to all Christians with > 100 IQ and college degrees. Please, if you think fighting for Creationism is a good idea, fun, helpful, or important in the slightest, you are wrong and you must stop now. Repent for the horrible damage you have done to the good name of Jesus, His message of love, and that you have forced people to choose between a relationship with their Creator and their rational faculties.

Please stop. For the love of all that is good, pure, right, holy, and true: stop it. Shut up, sit down, listen up, and you might actually learn a thing or two.

What do we believe about this? We believe that God is absolutely thrilled when we figure out how He did it. Seriously, God wants us to discover, learn, explore, and figure it out. There are no secrets He is hiding but he isn’t telling us how he did it either. Every scientific discovery of the “how” is another opportunity to marvel at how amazing creation is and, therefore, how amazing the Creator is.

“But how long did it take?” I don’t know; I’m not a scientist but if I wanted to know how long it would take I, a theologian, would ask a scientist. What I do know is that God is extremely patient and omni-everything. All I’m saying is that six days of creation is a whim but 14 billion years is a commitment. If you put six days into anything and you don’t like it, you throw it away, dust yourself off, have a beer, and then start over. You don’t give up so easily after 14 billion years. That is love.

“OK, seriously, what about evolution?” Look, for the most part the Bible is about the “who” and the “why”; it isn’t about the “how”. In other words, answering the question of how the universe was created is not what the book is about. Evolution appears today to be how the smartest smarty pants scientists on the planet think things work. Sounds great! Let’s do that thing.

Recently, some morons in South Carolina did a dumb thing. Here is a link to our take on that stupidity.