Inclusive: How We Really Feel About Homosexuality


No one is better or worse than anyone else because of their gender, orientation, identify, race, genetics, class, wealth, or whatever.


Risking Damnation is inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations equally and without reservation. All genders are equal ontologically and allowed into all offices and roles. Sexual orientation also has no bearing on a person’s status, abilities, or rights.

To be clear, some people are seriously broken and their completely screwed up inner mechanisms sometimes ooze out in a variety of rebellious behaviors. We are all broken somehow and at times some of us are too broken to be in positions of power and responsibility. Gender and sexual orientation having nothing to do with being broken inside unless a person’s gender identity and sexual orientation is specifically a manifestation of a person’s shattered inner self.

All of this is to say that again Risking Damnation will go out of its way to discern a true non-traditional identity and orientation from a broken and rebellious person acting out destructively to hurt others or themselves.