A What?

  1. The Big Idea
    Jesus risked everything to save humanity. According to the law and if he were entirely human, he put his entire very soul on the line for us. He Risked Damnation to save us. The real answer to the question 'What would Jesus do?' is not a moral code that ensures our salvation, but a life that risks everything in order to bring the message to all humanity.
  2. What It Could Be
    This isn’t just an idea: it is foundation for a community. Certainly this will be a very messy community full of unsavory behaviors that by their very nature will threaten to rip the community apart. It could be a movement sort of like Methodism or any of the other movements based on a simple idea and organic growth. Likely, Risking Damnation will need to be a new thing based on the digital information age and less hinged on buildings, set times, and physical gatherings.
  3. In Real Life Even
    The church today is concerned with fighting against what is believed to be the threat of secular society and fighting for a sinless righteous and holy way of living that it has become utterly useless to most people. Sex, drugs, booze, and science aren’t sinful and evil. What is sinful and evil is exploitation, anger, hate, and corrupting power.

    Risking Damnation is all about acceptance of people, lifestyles, orientations, gender, and all the weirdness that comes with all that so that we can get on with just loving each other. Guilt and shame got you down? Tired of trying to change the very core of your being so that you can fit in? Ready to be accepted for who you are? Risking Damnation is for you. We aren’t afraid of you, repulsed by you, or wanting to change you.

    The people Jesus wants us to meet are in the bars, brothels, casinos, cities, crack houses, and places where we might get dirty. We might get a little of that dirt on us and that is totally not a problem.

    When and Where?
    This is happening again! Our second live podcast will be on September 28, 2014 at the Pleasant View Grange in Lafayette/Boulder (3400 N 95th St.). Get tickets through EventBee. We are asking for $5 per ticket just so that we can cover the venue expense and sort of control attendance (it is a small place). If you can't swing $6, then grab one of the comp tickets. If you can give a little more, there is a way to donate through EventBee as well.

    But what is going to happen there? Will it be freaky, weird and uncomfortable? Um, no, I promise. Here is the idea:

    We are thinking about recording the podcast in a small venue with an audience. Rather than just open the doors to the public, the concept is to release a limited number of tickets. We would suggest a donation for each ticket (we are hoping to be a 501(c)3 organization soon) to offset the cost of the venue.