Seriously, What the actual fuck is going on here?

Here's the thing, we really are a "church" in that we are a part of the body of believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Really. I am totally serious. If you are massively offended, go someplace else. If not and you are still curious, read on.

We are a little on the nontraditional side but I assure you that we are totally orthodox in our theology. We are not a cult. There is no coercion or whatever going on here. We are sex positive but we don't want to have sex with anyone. We are both married and happy with our monogamy. Neither of us drinks much or does oodles of drugs. We are sort of boring guys but we like to hang out with interesting people.

So, there it is. We are a church that not only doesn't care what you are into but as long as what you are into involves love towards other people and harms no one including yourself, we welcome you. On the other hand, if your world is getting out of hand, we'd like to help you get your poop back in a group.

What we believe is that our Creator wants to be in relationship with us and the Divine is much bigger than anything we are into. Nothing can remove us from the love of God which is why Jesus did the good thing for us. Don't change for us. Don't clean up. Don't even sober up or come down or change your clothes or whatever. We want to get to know the real you including all the things that piss off your mom and dad. Jesus accepts you as you and we will try to as well.

In case you were thinking that maybe it is a little strange that we just sort of appeared one day, we didn't. Chris and Derek were doing a podcast for a year before launching Risking Damnation. You can check it out here. Chris and Derek aren't just fly-by-night types either. We are both educated and have worked in ministry professionally. Here is little background about both of us:


I have a Religion and Theology degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. I expect they will rescind my degree shortly as will Denver Seminary which bestowed upon me a Master of Divinity degree (with honors!).

I've had almost two decades of professional ministry work including youth ministry, music (semi-pro bass player), and chaplaincy. None of it has a paid the bills for the lifestyle to which I wish to become accustomed so I write GIS software as my day job.

I cycle and swim "competitively" meaning that I compete so others can say that they beat someone, used to play hockey, and enjoy mountain unicycling. I am married and have a couple adult sons.


Um, sorry, Chris has written his bio yet. Please stay tuned.