Sex Positive: How We Really Feel About Sex


Let your freak flag fly as long as you are safe, sane and consensual.


Sex is not sin even though both words have three letters and begin with ‘s’. It is a distraction from real sin to make the masses focus on controlling and conforming their sexuality, sexual desires, and sexual practices. It is ridiculous to make a person feel guilty for their fetishes, paraphilia, desires, and needs.

Of course, when a sexual practice involves a violation of the “safe, sane, and consensual” rule, there is a problem and it is sin because it hurts people. If the practice—no matter how crazy it looks—is entirely consensual, is entirely sane, and is as safe as possible, it is a gift from God that is intended not only to be enjoyed but even to heal.

A person’s sex life can be ruled by an inexplicable fetish or by a deep desire for a power exchange or a pattern or practice. What created these desires and needs can sometimes be deconstructed but even when explained, never seem to remove the need. Denying a person this expression could be denying them healing or fully living. That would be a sin.

Risking Damnation means letting your freak flag fly. We want people to live out loud and proud. Of course, engaging in a sexual practice in front of people that don’t want to see it can be traumatic and should be avoided. This borders on non-consensual. But for some people, leather means something. For others, tattoos aren’t just decoration but speak more truth than just that a person thought their skin needed some color.

For some people, their sexual expression is such a core of their being that denying it is death. Shaming these people for what they “are into” is setting up a pointless barrier between them and their God.