Weed Friendly: How We Really Feel About Marijuana


Simply if you don't have a problem, we don't have a problem.


Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado both medically and recreationally, there is theoretically no longer a societal stigma attached to pot smokers that forces them to keep their use a secret. That is, outside of the church, the stigma is dead or dying. Inside the church, it is still a taboo subject, a secret practice, and a sin of the highest order.

This is insanity.

Not that marijuana users are singled out as the target audience of Risking Damnation, but marijuana is a perfect example of the well-meaning Christian community requiring a level of completely arbitrary purity amongst people seeking Jesus. The mainstream churches either explicitly or implicitly state that being a part of the community requires giving up marijuana. This is my interpretation of the prevailing mainstream theology after my many decades of being a Christian:

"A true believer of the highest order would never even want to experiment with pot; they aren't even curious what it is like. Therefore, the neophyte should hope to one day attain this level of spirituality and holiness in which one would transcend this base carnal crutch. The sooner one puts it aside, the sooner one will be fully invited into the warm inner circle of trust and love that is the church."

Nope. Not at Risking Damnation. Love, acceptance, warmth, trust, and the rest are available if you've never tried, tried and hated, experiment with, smoke socially, use medicinally, use regularly, or just freaking love weed so much you wake and bake before even getting out of bed.

As an aside, I've found that the typical mainstream Christian is actually very afraid of marijuana for reasons that they really can't explain. Why is it that Romans 8:35-39 is so well-known and yet so ignored?

Marijuana During Services?

Sure and why not. Sane churches allow and even encourage congregants to take their medication before services. Surely a person with a blinding migraine is not in a place to worship. All sane people would encourage a person suffering thusly to seek relief before a service. Risking Damnation is just taking this concept that we prepare for worship to the next logical step.

Religions throughout history have always sought ways to calm and open the mind in order to commune with the Divine. Even in the more mainstream religions, practices of subtle hypnosis involving chanting, praying, singing, and moving facilitate breaking down the ego and encourage community and openness to each other and to God.

In a world of science and skepticism, people need new and strong medicine to break through the noise of the day, calm the mind, and open the door. Of course, anything can be abused and used to harm and manipulate. The point of Risking Damnation is to embrace the danger and take the risk because the reward is the ultimate reward of getting to know Jesus, realizing that God loves us, and being literally saved from our sins and the world.

Of course, having a pile of people out of their minds high can be a volatile situation. Thus, to quote Kevin Smith, people need “to handle their fucking high”. We will absolutely not compromise for the lowest common denominator. If people cannot handle their high, they need to solve that problem only because it is their problem and it is affecting others.